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I am new to Google adword. I feel the data I obtained for keywords search volume is not correct. I am using windows 8.1 and I receive very low numbers for different doctor specialties (Cardiology, radiology etc) compared to the data I obtain on the new user interface of google adword on my mac. I donot understand the reason for this discrepancy. In case, the issue is arising because of different user interface, kindly tell me how to switch to the latest interface.



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Hi Furqan, 


Keyword Search Volume estimates are estimates. 


What does using Windows Operation System have to do with anything? Are you trying to target specific Operating Systems in your campaigns? Targeting OS is currently limited to Display and Video campaigns ... 


Also what kind of bid modifiers are you using Furqan? Are you using broad, broad modifier, phrase, exact? These will effect your impressions/click numbers. 


Lastly, keep in mind the estimates for keyword traffic are assuming you were to capture all traffic. Keep in mind there are probably other people bidding on your keywords. What is your "avg. bid position" and "impression share" for both? 


Let me know the answers the following and I will do the best to help you! 

- Josh



Joshua, Top Contributor
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Hi Joshua, 


Thank you for helping out. Firstly, lets ignore the problem I highlighted about operating system. I was a bit lost and could not figure out the exact issue. Now, I am sharing information of the keyword that I used in my campaign and the results that keyword planner shows for the same keyword.


My campaign results:

Keyword: best doctors

Impressions: 802

average bid position: 1.7

Impression share: <10%


Keyword planner results:

Keyword: Best doctors

avg. monthly searches: 50


I do not understand how can avg. monthly searches be only 50 when I have 800+ impressions for my campaign.


I have also noticed other anomalies. One of them is that the average bid price for a keyword is $ 4-5, but its average monthly searches are less than 1k. Kindly explain the discrepancies.