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Keywords picking up any of my ads!?

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Hi there,


Please can someone help? I am new to Adwords, I have two adgroups running in one campaign. 14 ads in total, 7 with one URL and 7 with a different URL. A bunch of keywords (some of which are used for both adgroups). 


Currently, when you type in a keyword, my ad i'snt the one it should be, they seem to be choosing the ad to display randomly. My quality scores have gone right down too!


My question is why is this happening and what is it that i am obviously missing? Do you need to assign specific keywords for each adgroup? How do you do this?


Please can someone help ASAP, I am tearing my hair out...

Thanks Smiley Happy

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Re: Keywords picking up any of my ads!?

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Hi Adrian, welcome to the Community.


Yes, you do certainly need to assign specific Keywords to specific Ad Groups, that's core to how AdWords works.  Ads are shown when a Keyword within the Ad Group matches a search query and it can be any Ad within the Group so it's vital that Ads and Keywords are tightly matched within Groups.

For example, let's say you sell apples, oranges and bananas (I know, unlikely on the Net, but they make things clear).  So you have Keywords like "buy apples", "buy oranges" and "bananas online" and you have Ads that are about buying apples, buying oranges and buying bananas online.  You will need at least three Ad Groups to market these products effectively and the Keywords about buying apples will need to be in the same Ad Group as the Ads about buying apples and so on.


Note that I said at least three Ad Groups because you may find that you want Ads that are about buying in bulk or buying in singles, buying for trade or retail, buying online or buying in your high street store, buying for the home market, buying from overseas and so on .


More about Ad Groups



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Re: Keywords picking up any of my ads!?

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Hi there;

The title Adwords gives for  this situation  is "When several keywords match the search query - which one will trigger the ad?

We discussed this topic here:


Truly Duplicate KWs - what impact do they have?

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