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Keywords pending review

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Two keywords pending review which I was quite concerned about. Do i need to delete these two keywords so that it would not lead to disapproval of whole account? What should i do with them? Or I have to waiting for the final results of AD specialist? Which is the best way? Help me, all. Many thanks. 

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September 2015

Re: Keywords pending review

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Giong Z,

When you have keywords Pending Review, it just means they need to be reviewed and their status is not yet been reviewed and updated. It does not negatively effect your account when keywords or Ads are under review.

"Most ads are reviewed within 1 business day. If we find any issues, we'll let you know more about the policy and what you can do to get your ad running again. If your ad isn't showing for certain users, or if it's not showing at all, it could be because of your ad's approval status."

Your best course of action is to wait for approval.

If they are denied, then I would attempt to understand why as it is related to your account, so that you don't keep attempting to utilize the same keyword methodology over and over again that will be denied.

Under Review

About the ad approval process

AdWords Policy Center

Hope that helps