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Keywords for Remarketing Ads

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Hi All,


I have a Remarketing campaign running for my B2B business, though I am all new to the same and therefore would like to know since the number of impressions are too high as compared to the actual clicks, what could be the possible ways to optimize my Remarketing campaign?


Thanks in Advance!

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Re: Keywords for Remarketing Ads

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Hi Lakshmi S,


Are you referring to Display Network remarketing or RLSA? I'm asking this since keywords aren't usually layered with remarketing in the GDN.


Speaking of GDN remarketing, I'd suggest creating rule based lists to target specific audience, rather than remarketing ads to all visitors. For instance if you have two services, you can create two rules (converted and not converted) for each service. This would allow remarketing to non converted users and also cross selling.


Once your audience are defined, start working on your ads - create customized ads for each set of audience based on your strategy and their action on their website. Eg: Showing different ads to converted users for Product A and different ones for user who haven't converted for Product B. This should help improve your CTR. Creating ads in all possible sizes and including one text ad at least is a good practice.


Hope that helps, feel free to write back!





Sumanth Sridhar