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Keywords campaign level for all ad groups?

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Is there any way to make keywords campaign level for all ad groups?


I want all my ad groups to have a fair shot at competing for the keywords that are my direct competitors names, e.g. "baker chevrolet". But I understand that if I add that keyword to all my ad groups I will have ad groups competing against each other and driving up my bids between my own ads. 


Is there a better way to do this? Or do I have to create a general campaign to compete with my competitors with general ads and then advertise my product ad groups all with keywords specific to each product only?


Any ideas or information would be appreciated Woman Frustrated


Thank you! Woman Very Happy

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Re: Keywords campaign level for all ad groups?

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Hi Alethe

Great question.

I will give you my own personal opinions, but i know you'll get some great answers from the community and top contributors also.

I would have seperate ad groups for each of my competitors, perhaps in a competitors campaign. This would allow easier administration of the ad groups and should put you in a much better position to achieve better QS and other KPI's and reporting. Imagine trying to maintain a good QS with very different competitors in the same ad group would be problematic.

Brand 'stealing' in my opinion can be very hit and miss. Works fantastic for some markets, works not so well for others. Be prepared for a fight, however, as you will expect some bidding back on your KW that will also force your own brand price up, i suspect. On that note, may be worth Trademarking your brand name, and register it with google found here: Bear also in mind however, there may be trademarks that prevent you from using competitor names in the ad copy.

Think about what makes your product different to baker chevrolet. Someone typing this in will be partly qualified and likely to know what they are looking for. Give them a Unique selling point and test test test ad variations and conversions.

You can read more about campaign structure on here, but it is generally advisable to follow an adwords campaign that follows that similar or very close to your website. This help centre reference explains how you should structure your account in sync with your website:

Hope that helps a little

James Edward

Re: Keywords campaign level for all ad groups?

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Alethe D,

James gave you some great advice and just adding on here:

Creating separate campaigns and ad groups are always best practice. and as James mentioned better for admin, reporting, checking ROI's and Budgets.

In regards to the "Bidding on Competition" you may end up paying 5X for what the "baker" group pays and run out of budget pretty quickly and even have very low QS to boot. The practice can cost you plenty and when you play that game with another professional managing the competition who has more tricks up their sleeves and a better Budget, you will wish you never did.

I suggest you do exactly what James mentions and work your USP ( Unique selling proposition) as well as work your QS, utilize remarketing, Mobile bid strategies, utilize all extensions and create a good account.

If you have large inventory that change out a lot you may want to utilize customized creatives: to give yourself a competitive edge.

With car industry, it's tough to measure your success or ROI so define your goals. Also under stand the concept of ZMOT, Zero Moment of Truth, in which attracting your customer can take months and they come from a variety of media formats so you want to be in front of that customer at the moment of decision and final engagement.

You may want to look at this case study

And above all TEST, TEST, and TEST

Hope that helps with your account and campaigns.

Re: Keywords campaign level for all ad groups?

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One other thing to mention here... you said you are worried about the same keyword competing in your account and pushing up your bids - you don't need to worry about this - your keywords "compete" against each other in terms of deciding which one of them is going to go out and fight in the auction... like selecting your account's champion!

This doesn't affect the bid amount. This is only determined in relation to the "external" competition once the auction begins.

That said, the best practices the others have outlined are well worth following.