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Keywords best practices

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phrase match and exact match keywords with different cpc  should be on same ad group or  I should have two groups one for exact one for phrase and add the exact keywords as negative ?


Also since adds are showing now for close variation match  should I delete all close variation or it can stay in the compaing ? 

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September 2015

Re: Keywords best practices

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Hi Menash,

Different Adwords account managers use different approaches while structuring their Adwords accounts.

You can create different ad groups for different match types (and use negative match as you described) or use different match type within the same ad group and adjust bids based in results and profitability of each match type.

AdWords system prefers to trigger ads using keywords that are identical to search queries, so you can still use misspelled, abbreviated, and other close variations of your keywords. If you find that performance varies significantly between close variants, you can add the better performing ones as separate keywords and adjust their bids accordingly. So you don't need to delete the close variants in the campaign.

Find more about close variant matching here -


Re: Keywords best practices

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Hi Menash,

I completely agree with Deepak on this. This is totally your call. You can test out your approach by duplicating your campaign and then pausing the original one, restructure the campaign to have different matchtype keywords in separate adgroups and then run the campaign for a period of 2 weeks or so.

This will allow you to test this approach thoroughly and then take a call if your earlier approach worked for you or did the new one. Do keep in mind, if you do split themes in adgroups based on matchtypes, your bid for the matchtype keyword you want to trigger the ad should be high enough or at least higher as compared to other matchtype keywords.

Adding inter adgroup negatives for each matchtype adgroups is very important here. Just keep a check on the bids and the negatives and you will be able to run a successful test with the new approach. If you do find that the new approach fails you or is not performing on par with the earlier approach, you can always pause the restructured campaign and initiate the old campaign.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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