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Keyword with 0 impr and clicks from more than 24 hours

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Hey all,


If a keyword has 0 impressions and 0 clicks from more than 24 hours, should I delete it or I can keep it just in case someone uses it?


Note: there are many keywords with 0 rates but I would like to keep them, will this decrease my money and destroy my campaign?

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Re: Keyword with 0 impr and clicks from more than 24 hours

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Hi Ibrahim,

There's no problem on keeping those keywords inside your campaigns. This will not destroy or ruin your campaigns.

You just need to analyse if those keywords are valuable to you. 24 hours is not enough time to come up with a solid analysis in my opinion, but keep an eye for those and see their results.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

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Re: Keyword with 0 impr and clicks from more than 24 hours

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As already noted there is nothing wrong with a 0 impression 0 click keyword per say. It doe not effect your account. Also 24 hours in not enough time to evaluate in most cases, I would use a 2 week time frame or X Impressions and X clicks vs conversions to determine success or failure of a keyword.

You may want to check your match types on those keywords with zero impressions, and also do a Ad preview on those keywords to see if those actually win the auction. Many times keywords with zero impressions are losing out to other terms that have have a better "Ad Rank" based on Qs, CTR and Bids.

Those keywords with the zero impressions may need some tweaking to Bids, or match type changes to capture impressions. Most of the time if the keyword is not effective you will see a notification next to the keyword such as "Low Search Volume" , Low Quality Score" or Below First page Bid". When that occurs you know what the issues are. When you don't have such a warning, most of the time the issues is a Conflicting Keyword is being served instead.


Ad group 1
Blue Widgets - Bid $1 ( as a broad match)

Ad Group 2
[Buy Blue Widgets] Bid $0.75 ( as exact match)

If the user types in Buy blue widgets as there keyword query, the Blue Widgets keyword in Ad group 1 may win the Ad Auction and be severed based upon the higher bid and possible the higher Quality score.

In this case you could either move the Exact match to ad group 1, increase the Bid for that keyword to say $1.25 in order to type an sculpt the campaigns and account to serve the keyword which is more in line with the users query. Or you could add the Exact match of [Buy Blue Widgets] as a negative keyword to Ad group 1, to force the auction to show your Ad group 2 [Buy Blue Widgets] keyword

Main thing is to use the ad preview tool on the keywords to understand what keywords are actually showing.