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Keyword too specific but needed

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Hi everyone!

I'm new to this community so please forgive me if I post my message in the wrong thread or if my question has already been published (I've searched before posting but I didn't find the answer).

I'm looking for launching a first campaign with Adwords.

My service is related to a specific app which means that every Google request which does not include the name of this app is useless for my campaign.


I've tried many keywords, all including the name of the app, and none of them is likely to get impression. 


The keyword planner isn't helpful on this one, as it doesn't have so many keywords to suggest with this specific expression.


Any advice or suggestion?

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Keyword too specific but needed

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Hi @Floriane G,


I am under the impression, that you are planning to run a Search Network app installs campaign which you are saying bumps into issues regarding keyword research. Please learn that you have 3 additional options to run a


1. Display Network app installs campaign

2. YouTube app installs campaign

3. Universal app campaign


My pick would be #3 because you are a beginner. For more, please kindly do refer to:


***   About promoting your mobile app   ***





Keyword too specific but needed

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Hello Floriane, 


Welcome to the community! Sounds like a tricky one. Have you tried to Display network? 


Making the Most of Display Advertising: Google Best Practices


As well here is a guide to help you with your Adwords campaign. 


Create a campaign that reaches new customers


Hope that helps. 


Keyword too specific but needed

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Wow, you guys are answering so quickly, many thanks! 

@Lakatos  I think I didn't explain the situation clearly, my bad! I'm not trying to promote an app, but a service related to this app.
(If I'm right, an app can be found on the Apple Store or Google Play, which is not the case of my service. ) 
With my service, users can do more with the app and that's why I was more likely to run a Search Network campaign: I was hoping that users would have made requests on Google, looking for the help I can provide them. However, according to the Keyword planner, they don't Smiley Sad 

@Terry Crowder  I'm gonna consider the Display Network, but as the target is B2B, I'm not sure it's relevant? 

Re: Keyword too specific but needed

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Hi @Floriane G have you actually tried a test Campaign and found no (or few) impressions?  To be honest, if your necessary Keyword doesn't get impressions then Search isn't the way to go.  If this is the case, then the Display Network is going to be more useful because you can create attractive Ads that you show to people who don't know they want your service.  This is much more like traditional magazine or billboard advertising; you didn't realise you needed that new phone until you saw the Ad for it...  If the app is popular there are bound to be sites devoted to it's use and support and other sites where its users tend to hang out and you could select these to place your Ads upon.


However, having said this, if you haven't already tried the Search network, I would.  Predictions are difficult with AdWords and it really does need a "live" test to see what's really going to happen.



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Keyword too specific but needed

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No, I didn't try yet, I was trying to configure one. 
I'm thinking about launching 2 test campaigns: the first one on the Search Network and the second one with the Display Network. I'll see which one seems to be the best for my product Smiley Happy 

Keyword too specific but needed

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 @Floriane G I perfectly understand you . 


Here is a Tip for you since you want to use that keyword for the App to get the quality Traffic .


1. Use Google Trend to extract trending Keywords that are attributed to the name of the App . In order to get the best, you can extract based on the geographical location you will like to traget.


2. You can also make use of Google Marketing Finder , by also extracting releveant keywords related to the App Name .


This should help , just type the App name as required and you will get the keywords then add it to your Adwords account , the keyword planner will help get more related keywords with high traffic . Cheers


Let's know if it works . I can support your further if you need support .  Note that those two resources i stated gives you trends so , am very sure you will get the right traffic .