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Keyword planner

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When I click to open my keyword planner there is nothing there but a blank white page??

Re: Keyword planner

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I am getting issues as well. The planner only retrieves data for the single specific seed keyword that I type in. Some have reported the issue elsewhere here and in other forums but the problem is not global. It only seems to affect some (like you and me).


Disabling any adblockers, clearing caches and rebooting doesn't seem to work.


I am hoping for a resolution soon.







Re: Keyword planner

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The general solution offered in here is Disabling "the AdBlocker" ( not any ad blocker). It is a plug-in for chrome or firefox :


Please write what browser version you have, what operating system, and if it is desktop or tablet.


@Peter M

What browsers did you test ?


The planner link takes you to a page with Javascript and Ajax code, please make sure that your browser allows JavaScript to be executed.