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Keyword planner traffic estimates -1 bid for all keywords questions

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I am wondering how is the 1 bid for all keywords influencing the estimates from the keyword planner , especially if we use it to estimate all match types for a keyword. Will it grant more impressions to the exact match or phrase match ? 


What if in the estimates we use only the broad match and the exact match, will the broad match estimate increase to compensate the search terms that the phrase match would have captured ?


Does it show mobile+desktop traffic too in the "review estimates window" , meaning that if we have -100% for mobiles the estimates are inflated ?

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Re: Keyword planner traffic estimates -1 bid for all keywords question

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Thanks for your posting. In anwser to your questions, please review the section on How to use Keyword Planner to get traffic estimates and save keywords to your account on our Help page. 


You may also want to check these community threads about using keyword planner: