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Keyword not very consistent with search terms

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I have never had success with Adwords. Bounce Rate always in the mid 90s. Here is ad:


My Google Ad


Keywords for ad:

analytics reporting tools 
analytics for my website 
Embed Google Analytic Reports
embed google analytics charts 
share dashboards google analytics 
google analytics reporting software 
data reporting and analytics 
analytics and reporting tools

Landing page:


After my most recent failure with the campaign I decided to track myself the search term entered. I learned this was passed in the "q" parameter. Here is the list for the last 10 clicks:


Adding google analitics to your site
google analystics
how to show your website on
create google analytics link for my website
how to get my google analytics code
i want more google traffic to my website
google ananlytics
adwords auto reporting tools
google ananlytics
how to increase traffic in my wallpapers websites


I am surprised to see how inconsistent these are with my keywords. 

Why is this? Is it because my keywords are not searched very often if the budget is set high enough Google will start serving them against less relevant searches?

I was also expecting to see some searches that matche exactly my key words. I have been experimenting with typing into Google. It appears the "suggestions" google makes as you type are highly correlated with key words combinations. For example, if I start typing "share dashboards...", google will make "share dashboards google analytics" a selectable selection. So I was expecting to find more clicks with the exact key words.


Any help/advice would be appreciated!




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Re: Keyword not very consistent with search terms

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Hi Mark,

Looks like you have a lot of broad match terms in your keywords. Broad match is, well, really broad. You might try BMM, phrase and exact match as well. You could get more relevant results.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Keyword not very consistent with search terms

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Hi Mark,

With broad match keywords, you are tend to get higher bounce rate. As most of your keywords are broad match, in this case, I suggest you revise your keyword strategy. Let say for keyword - embedded analytics, I do your site in organic search. Hence, i suggest you try using keyword planner to get precise keyword ideas. If you are targeting serious conversions, then this will really help you. Try using keyword variations by analyzing your ad copy and landing page content. If you are able to maintain stability within your landing page, ad copy and keywords, then you are there.

I hope this helps.
Kapil M