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Keyword Planner data wrong

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Hi All,


Got an issue with the keyword planner and the data being miles off accurate:


Keyword Adwords Impressions  Planner Impressions % Difference

X                  29113                      18100                    60.85%

X                  7475                          4400                    69.89%

Keywords hidden for privacy


I have checked around 200 keywords that we are P1 PPC wise and the impressions given in the planner are miles off the actual adwords impression data.


Any ideas?




Ps excuse poor formatting, the WYSIWYG strips the table!

Re: Keyword Planner data wrong

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The following causes expalin the difference between the actual traffic data and the keyword planner estimates:

  • You recently created an AdWords account: If you're a new advertiser, your estimates are based on historical average data for all advertisers because we don't know anything about your particular business yet. We provide a rough average for your guidance until we know more about how your ads are performing.
  • Your ads run on the Display Network: Your estimates are for the Search Network, and don't include estimates for the number of clicks your ads might receive on the Display Network, including placements that you choose. You can expect more traffic than what's estimated if your ads run on the Display Network as well.
  • You are targeting a small geographic region: You can expect results to be less accurate if you're targeting a small geographic location, simply because we have less data on which to base predictions.
  • You have the same, or very similar, keywords in different campaigns: Regardless of how many ads you have running on a single keyword, we'll show only one on each search results page. This means if you have similar or identical keywords in different ad groups or campaigns, your keywords are competing against each other. While Keyword Planner tries to account for competition among similar and identical keywords that appear across ad groups in the same campaign, its estimates for these keywords might be less accurate. Keyword Planner doesn't look at keywords across campaigns, so cross-campaign competition won't be accounted for in your estimates.
  • Your plan or keyword list contains similar keywords that you're getting traffic estimates for: If you estimate clicks for two or more similar keywords, Keyword Planner tries to predict how traffic will be divided between the overlapping terms. As a result, your estimates will be less accurate.
  • A full week of data is averaged to provide a daily estimate: Estimates are based on one week of data, and are averaged to provide daily estimates. Day-to-day traffic will vary, so consider an entire week's average rather than a single day's estimate.