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Keyword Planner: Search Volume vs. traffic forecasts

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I am using the Keyword Planner tool.  I click  Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups and enter google analytics widgets.  Then I click "Get Search Volume" and it returns typical average monthly searches is about 70.


Then I go Tools -> Keyword Planner -> Get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords.  Again I enter google analytics widgets.  And if I set my bid high enough it reports I could get 40-50 impressions per day.


Why the inconsistency?   Get Search Volume reports there is only about 70 searches per month.  But Get Traffic Forecasts indicates I could see around 40-50 per day.



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Re: Keyword Planner: Search Volume vs. traffic forecasts

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Hi Mark S,


The data presented by Keywords Planner is an average/estimated data, hence the real experience with impressions and clicks may differ. Obviously, there are so many factors like - locations, bids, seasonality etc.


Having said that, there's an important difference between Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups and Get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords, and that - keywords match type in play


While the former takes exact match into account, the latter takes broad match by default. When you are working with traffic forecasts, try changing the match type to be exact, it will decrease the estimate considerably. 


Hope that clears your doubt. 


More information can be found here


Ratan Jha




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Re: Keyword Planner: Search Volume vs. traffic forecasts

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Hi Mark
This question crops up frequently here and back when it was the old keyword tool many moons ago, I remember having the same question myself.

The issue is that these figures are only really estimates. ESPECIALLY with volume as low as 40-70, there's no way Google can be even close to sure.

Also, when getting search volume, Google uses different match types when calculating. When forecasting, it runs somes some pretty sophisticated bid simulations (I think) using some various other factors like location.

Finally, if "google analytics widget" is indeed the term you're looking at, I can tell you from a personal level that worldwide volume fluctuates WILDLY. I wrote an Android widget for GA and researched that particular term before. I can tell you that traffic for that particular search term can vary from the tens to the thousands depending on the month or external factors.

Regarding the keyword tool and forecasting, my rule of thumb is, the larger the number of searches, the more accurate Google can be in forecasting. Anything lower than 100 is not something that will give you even close to accurate results.

Hope that's been somewhat helpful.