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Keyword Planner Avg Monthly Searches

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I'm facing with a strange problem on the keyword planner.


The pictures below with the stats are from same keyword same location but different adwords accounts, on the first pic on that account there is campaign running with the keyword from the pics, on the second pic on the second account there is no campaign running. Just to mention, before I start the campaign on the first account I got the same stats like on the second account.


I couldn't add the image so here is a link -



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September 2015

Re: Keyword Planner Avg Monthly Searches

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Hi Martin,


Welcome to Adwords Community Smiley Happy


Its may be due to change your network targeting option. Your average search volume & suggested bid may vary if you choose Google & Its search partners instead of Google only. I've searched a particular keyword within same location but different network targeting option. See the screenshot - 


Option 1 - Google & it's search partners - 


keyword planner 1.png



See the search volume is 30 & suggested bid 105.23


Now Option 2 - Google Only - 


Keyword planner 2.png



See now search volume is 10 and suggested bid is 286.14.


So please check your network targeting option. 


Hope this help.




Re: Keyword Planner Avg Monthly Searches

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That was the problem - Google and search partners Smiley Happy
Thank you