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Keyword DIagnosis Doesn't Show Matching Campaign

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I can't figure out a way to pull this off.  Here's the situation, I'll use a carpeting sales business for my example:


When a person searches for  "{city name} carpeting" I want my {city name} adgroup to be triggered so the addcan have the city name in it.


If the user is detected to be in that city or has search intent for that city (campaign location setting) and they just search for "carpeting" I also of course want the {city name} adgroup to be triggered so the ad can have the city name in it.


That's easy, fine and dandy and all works with the proper location targeting settings in the campaigns.


Now here's the problem.  What if a person searches from work and they work in one city and live in another so the person detected to be in {my work city} during work, does a search for "{my home city} carpeting"


When I do a Preview and Diagnosis, what happens is even though I have a campaign with a broader area with an ad group with the keyword "{my home city} carpeting" in it, Adwords displays the ad group ad from the more specific location match campaign because they match that campaign's city location targeting.


So... I thought, all I have to do is add all the other city names as negative keywords to that campaign.  It then does not display the ad at all.  It just shows it isn't displaying for the location-based campaign because {my home city} is a negative keyword and doesn't match the larger geographic targeted campaign that has the keyword "{my home city} carpeting".  


Doesn't make sense why Adwords is ignoring.  It appears what is happening is that when you have a campaign location targeting match, it looks at the campaign with the most specific location match and ignores the others.  Or so I first thought.  When doing the diagnosis, I see there is a link "show 3 more keywords" and it shows diagnosis for other campaigns but it doesn't show diagnosis AT ALL for the campaign that matches both the location and the keyword.  It is as if there is a max number of campaigns Adwords will do a comparison on!



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Re: Keyword DIagnosis Doesn't Show Matching Campaign

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi Jeff,

To clarify, is your question about how to make sure the correct query/user location matches to the correct campaign, or about the Ad Preview tool?

You mentioned the advanced location targeting options under Campaign Settings--could you share examples of what settings you have the campaigns set to? That will make it easier to understand what's going on here!


Re: Keyword DIagnosis Doesn't Show Matching Campaign

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What it appears to be is that I had also removed some device and time of day based bid increases.  As a result a lot of my keywords fell off being displayed.  It appears though, that if the keyword matches and has a high enough QS and bid to be displayed, but it has a negative match in it, the preview and diagnosis tool tells you about it.  


But if the keyword also matches any other keyword in any other campaign but it isn't being displayed due too low QS*Bid, they don't tell you about it.  That's my best guess.


The reason is I then tried testing a few keywords that had high QS and bid in the larger geographic campaign but with the place name in the keyword and it correctly displays.


The other thing is it could be Adwords was just being wonky yesterday.


Re: Keyword DIagnosis Doesn't Show Matching Campaign

Top Contributor
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Top Contributor

Hi @Jeff C

I also a bit confused about  the campaign Geo targeting you  have set. 

It seems that you are trying to simultaneously target  both Geo location and DKI as a location.

If this is the case - this isn't an option in AdWords..

A screenshot of your Geo targeting  and your keywords DKI would be helpful

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