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Keyword Arrangement

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Our non-profit religious publishing company seeks to drive visitors to our websites for two reasons:


1)Traffic/Pageviews - which translate to sellable ad space on our website (per 1,000 views, etc)

2)Downloads - In this case, bible studies, or ebooks, for example.


The problem I'm facing is this: If we wish to promote certain downloads, or certain currently popular articles on hot/relevant topics, we can create some ads, but then we need to choose KW to drive traffic there.  The problem is, we have MANY articles that we occasionally promote (though not usually all at once) and there is only a limited number of relevant KW's that will bring up our ads for the audience we're targeting.

Since we do not wish our ads to compete against each other, we follow the best practice of not having any repeat keywords in different ad groups.  Unfortunately, that only leaves perhaps 10-15 KW's (if that) to apply towards that current article, which doesn't bring too much traffic.


So I'm wondering, would it be better in our case, to pile ALL the KW's into the same adgroup (at least article related KW's...Download related KW's could go in a different ad group), then simply pause, unpause ads as we go?  Will Adwords eventually realize to show certain ads for certain KW's, or will that only happen if I give each KW a specific URL (which kind of seem to defeat some of the purpose).

Does this question make sense or do I need to clarify more?


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Re: Keyword Arrangement

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Hi tkdppc22,


No, that will not work. The system will rotate all ads within one group according to your setting, but make no attempt to match up keywords to particular ads within that ad group.


Here's what I suggest. Take those keywords you end up repeating frequently in all ad groups and place them all in one, generic type ad group with ad variations related to those terms. Include ad variations as a test to see what works best.


Then, as you advertise particular downloads or popular articles, create ad groups specifically for those promotions and do not include the keywords from your generic ad group.


This advice assumes you are using the Search Network, not Display. For DN, a different strategy might be needed.


Best of Luck!




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