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Key words base on Product dimensions

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    We have used adwords with good success but now we have a new line of products and their main attributes are their size. I am little confused about adding keyword based on width and height. For example if the product were picture frames and you had one that was black 8" x 11" and another was black 12" x 18" would there be away to run ads for each


[black 8" x 11"] Keywords: +picture +frame +black +8" +11"


[black 12" x 18"] Keywords: +picture +frame +black +12" +18"


These are not the real products but it is the basic idea.

We don't want the adds landing on a main page and having to search through all the variations, we want them to land on final page.

Any ideas?

Re: Key words base on Product dimensions

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Hey Mark, how are things?

If you don't have any historical data on how the users search for those products, IMO it would be better to take one step back, start the campaign a little broader to get some data, and then moving to something more specific.

You could have keyword like +picture +frame +black (without the numbers) and run like that for a while to see IF and HOW users are including the sizes for instance, specially depending on your target and region, because different countries and regions uses different measurement systems. Since you just give us the example of frames and not the real product, that's my view on this.

In the above case you would need to keep track of your Search Terms Report to discover those terms and how users and looking for this. In case you don't know the report, this page can help:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Key words base on Product dimensions

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Hi Mark,

Using " at keywords have no use because AdWords do not count such symbols as letters. Instead you can use "inch". If you promoting online shop take a look at additional options:
Using Dynamic Search Ads
Shopping Campaigns

With some effort you can significally raise the number of online orders with this tools.

Best Regards.

Re: Key words base on Product dimensions

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Hey Mark,

I might try going into tools > keyword planner. From here you can put in your website, your product category, and the actual product itself and Google will come up with a list of adgroups and keywords that you could put together.

That would be the best place to start in my opinion because then you wont be wasting any money on irrelevant clicks. Just a thought Smiley Happy