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Kewords/phrase click report by time and day

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As a adwords client I have a very basic question:

Fact:  We got charged for clicks based on keywords/phrases we choose to use


Why do we not have a transparent report showing us EACH click as it's correlated to EACH Keyword/Phrase/ and type of match (broad, exact, phrase. etc), followed by the exact time and date this was charged for??


I mean we pay for each and every one of these so called "clicks" why is google not transparent enough to itemize exactly what they are charging us for???


Reason for my question is I ran a test sample:

1. I ONLY used Paid search (Google only) to drive traffic to a site I built.

2. I attached google analytics to the site to count users

3. I compared user sessions vs. chargeable clicks from Google for a 10 day period 

4. I only targeted U.S and UK regions and SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED INDIA as a country to be targeted 


1. Google Adwords charged me for an avg of 100 clicks a day or 1017 clicks for the 10 days

2. Google Analytics showed only 71-76 User sessions (total- unique AND returning) on a daily basis or 743 for the 10 day period.

3.  I would get 4-6 users from INDIA on a daily basis (results from GEO in analytics- when tracing the user origin- yes you guessed it- they were from paid search).



1. where did the 29-24 daily clicks end up if not to my site?  a very high standard for error and never an overage but always an underage

2. why did we keep getting clicks from India when specifically excluding that region in settings

3. Google owns BOTH adwords and Analytics how are the discrepancies so transparent??


I know Google employs very smart people and has very complicated "algorithms"  I am not one of those people and i do not understand complicated algorithms.  So please explain this to me like a 6 year old.. as I am sure a 6 year old would also question the discrepancies listed above. 


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Kewords/phrase click report by time and day

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If you have excluded India, but are getting clicks from there, most likely you need to change a default campaign setting:


Location options (advanced)

Target People in, searching for, or who show interest in my targeted location
Target People in my targeted location
Regarding the discrepancies, aside from any considerations of click fraud, Google can charge for up to 2 clicks per user. So if someone clicks on a sitelink and the headline of your ad you will be charged for 2 clicks, and it will show up as 1 visitor in Analytics.
There are a lot of discrepancies between Analytics and AdWords because they measure different things. It does make it difficult for many people to understand.

Kewords/phrase click report by time and day

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As mentioned, AdWords and Analytics have not  have a harmonized reporting system, hence the discrepancies. You should choose which platform you use for reporting and stick with it. Otherwise confusion happens...

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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