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Issues combining BMM and EM

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I have a few top keywords that are bringing me most of my purchases. I read a common technique is having the top keyword in broad match modifier in one ad group and the same keyword in exact match in another.

We have to make sure to add the keyword in negative match to the BMM group, so we are not competing with the same keyword in two ad groups.


With this strategy we make sure we bid higher on the EM keyword, but we are still receiving a lot of impressions and clicks from the BMM keyword even is the conversion rate is worse and we can’t afford to pay the same max. CPC.

Let’s say the keyword is


  • [rent room London] in EM
  • And +rent +room +London in BMM with [rent room London] as a negative keyword


My problem is Adwords is telling me in the BMM group that +rent +room +London is not showing because [rent room London] is preventing it to appear (it is a negative in that group as I said)


It doesn’t make sense because if I understood well, +rent +room +London should still be getting impressions for searches as “rent single room in London” or “London rent rooms in summer" even if that keyword is a negative for that one or if it has been added in EM to that group (that happened as well when I deleted the EM negative). 


 Am I right? I am fairly new to Adwords and this is quite confusing, especially because I read it was a very common practice.


Thanks a lot for your help!!

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Re: Issues combining BMM and EM

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Hi Sandra,

Welcome to the AdWords Community!  


First I'd like to compliment you on your multiple Match Type strategy - that is quite advanced for a new advertiser so I'd say you're doing quite well for yourself learning the AdWords system!


As to your question - when you say: "My problem is Adwords is telling me in the BMM group that +rent +room +London is not showing because [rent room London] is preventing it to appear" --do you mean that your Exact Match Keyword isn't receiving Impressions, or do you mean that the diagnostic bubble inside of AdWords is telling you that?


If the bubble is telling you that, then I'd ignore because the bubble can be misleading.  When you put your mouse over the bubble it searches for that Keyword exactly as Exact Match.  So in the case of your BMM Keyword, +rent +room +london, that Keyword, when searched for exactly, should be served out of your Exact Match Ad Group, not your BMM.  However, when someone queries "where can i find room rent in london" then your BMM Ad Group will pick up that Impression.   Does that help?

Re: Issues combining BMM and EM

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Hi Sandra, further to Brian's reply, and perhaps slightly on a tangent, I'd just like to sound a note of caution about the practice of using "negative match types" in the way you've described.


Using different match types for the same Keyword is a common practice and one that can help you tune your Account, but it's not actually necessary to block the other match type(s) and force AdWords to use one or another.  In fact, doing so can cause an increase in spend.  AdWords has built-in routines for deciding which Keyword should be matched when more than one is eligible for a particular search term and these routines will most normally lead to the best possible match.  When all else is equal, AdWords will chose the Keyword with the lower CPC, so by forcing a decision in one direction you could end up paying more than necessary for your clicks.



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Re: Issues combining BMM and EM

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Hi Brian!

Many thanks for this! Exactly, it was the diagnostic bubble, but the keyword is still getting impressions!

Sometimes I have to remember myself not to panic when this things happens, thanks a lot for your help!


Re: Issues combining BMM and EM

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Hi Jon,

Thanks for this! I see what you mean... I have also heard exactly the opposite argument, do not let Adwords decide which keyword to use... that's why I put the negative keywords in place...

OK, I will delete them then... thanks!

Re: Issues combining BMM and EM

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 Hi Sandra;

I am a bit late to the party here, but I also ran into the same issue, though, with "phrase match"

I got an error that exact match KWs cannot be added as negative KWs to the  phrase match ad-group.

Since no-one could verify the error, I did the following;


  • I stopped using "phrase match" when setting ad-groups by match types. I noticed that  BMM would do  the work. Furthermore, a special ("tightly themed") ad-copy is used only with exact match. (This also saves time)
  • As Jon mentioned, if you set your bid correctly,  the system would match the correct match type KW with the search query. So, negative KWs are not essential, but I still add  exact match KWs as negatives  to the BMM ad-group - just to make sure.... Smiley Happy


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