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Is this the right way to structure a targeted campaign? Tips welcome!

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Just seeing if I'm setting my campaign up correctly. 


Background: I have 8 different locations throughout the country, with a total of 12 different products (think B2B machinery.)


So, to geotarget, I would setup a campaign for each different city, (Chicago, LA, NY, etc.) with my different ad-groups (12 different products) tucked within each city, or campaign. Each city, or campaign's adgroups would run very similar keywords, with the addition of location based keywords.



This is a very basic campaign, just making sure I'm setting it up correctly to start. Hope to hear back soon!

Re: Is this the right way to structure a targeted campaign? Tips welco

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Update: I just realized I can multi-target each location within my Campaign settings. I'm starting to rethink:

Should I setup a campaign for each product, and then geotarget each location in the campaign settings, and then optimize each adgroup based on location keywords?