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Is this call to action ok?

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In the "description" part of the ad, I have a phrase that says "................................. Call for a free quote!"


Is the exclamation and the phrase "call for a free quote" OK with google? I've read exclamation is only OK once and in the "description".


My account has been suspended and under review twice. I'm just trying to cancel out potential reasons, since the reasons previously gave were fixed, yet I'm still getting suspended and/or reviewed. 


Thanks for the help.

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Is this call to action ok?

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Hi Matt,


Your call to action in the description in 'OK' as per the current policies.


Ads which don't follow editorial policies will be disapproved.


Account suspension is the result of more serious AdWords policy violations.


Please read more about AdWords editorial guidelines here -



Is this call to action ok?

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In the ad content, an exclamation point is acceptable. An ad violation will result in an ad being disapproved.


An account suspension is another matter. If the account is suspended, then a/the ad(s) are not the only issue.


Re: Is this call to action ok?

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As @tomhalejr mentioned, disapproval of ads due to editorial issues and site suspended are different policy issues, unrelated. If the account is under review there is, most likely, also a violation on the site itself.

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