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Is there/was there ever Pay Per CONVERSION billing in AdWords?

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My new client set 'Target CPA' bidding optimization and expects to be charged by Google on a Cost-Per-conversion basis (purchases in this case). I understand this is not possible (as billing is either CPC or CPM), but I need confirmation on that. Also, I need to understand if pay-per-conversion was ever possible in the past, and if so, why is this not possible anymore. I don't want to start out creating wrong expectations. Thanks,

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August 2016

Re: Is there/was there ever Pay Per CONVERSION billing in AdWords?

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Good afternoon.


No, it is not possible to pay AdWords in a pay-per-conversion fashion. The closest the system offers is CPA (cost-per-acquisition) bidding, which is available to campaigns accumulating enough traffic and conversion data in a set amount of time.


As far as I know, AdWords has never offered pay-per-conversion billing.




P.S. The problem with a pay-per-conversion model is that what AdWords does is to serve ads. The conversion behavior itself takes place either on the advertiser's website of via phone. Those actions are outside the program's control. 


The system is designed to try and serve the best possible ads for each particular search query. However, "closing the sale" is and always has been the advertiser's responsibility. Optimizing the advertising campaign and landing pages is an ongoing process, as are optimizing online forms, checkout, and offline call servicing.

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