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Is there a way to predict the success of keywords?

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Hi There!


I am just beginning with AdWords. I previously worked in fundraising and watched a webinar that mentioned that Google AdWords had a tool that predicted the success of a keyword. Is this tool available? If so, where?


Thanks for your help!



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Re: Is there a way to predict the success of keywords?

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Hi Scott;

Adwords is a statistical system, thus, it does not predict, but rather provide you with data or an estimate (based on statistical  analysis of this data.)

This is also known as a statistical  model (which always includes    a statistical error),  compared to  a mathematical or physical modeling, which could "predict"  future behavior.


Now, once this difference is clear, the tool you are referring, provides you historical data and some estimates based on a  statistical analysis of keywords past performances. - This tool is known as the keyword planner


Read more on how to use the tool,  in this link;


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Re: Is there a way to predict the success of keywords?

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Hi Bethany,

please remember too that in the past - in the dark days before the internet - marketing companiesused to spend moeny - sometimes thousands - on market research and focus groups to test the effectiveness of their marketing messages.

Now - online - we tend to spend that money in live campaigns - running the testing on the fly. does this mean we are wasting money? No - it simply means that there is no better testing environment than the live environment when it comes to online marketing - and the spend can be a lot less than might have been spent - with no real results at all - in traditional testing grounds.