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Is ok to use as language settings:Spanish an English for ES campaigns?

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My company provides worldwide online services.
For my Spanish market I am running campaings with spanish Keywords, spanish Ads and spanish Landing pages, targeting in the folow locations Spain, Latin America, USA and Rest of the world (why USA and rest of the world? to target spanish speakers living in here)
My confusion is when I need to choose the Language settings of my campaigns for the Spanish market...Should I choose as language "Spanish" and also "English"...So I will reach Spanish customers who have "Spanish" as their language in their Google account and also I will reach Bilingual Spanish customers that didn't chage the language settings from english language to spanish in their googe acount and their are doing their search using
Using "Spanish" and "English" as language in the settings of my campaings for ES Market is a good practice? or I should use only"Spanish"?


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Re: Is ok to use as language settings:Spanish an English for ES campai

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Hi irmas and welcome,


Yes, selecting both english and spanish would be what I would do in this situation. By doing this you will get spanish users who haven't changed their preferences to spanish who may be searching from inside the US. It helps capture more of your target audience. As you are running spanish ads and keywords, only spanish speakers are going to be using these terms.


Google uses the language preferences the user has set as well as the domain you are searching on. 


You can read up on the language targeting here


I hope this helps you.

Re: Is ok to use as language settings:Spanish an English for ES campai

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language targeting can be a bit confusing;


Here is an artuicle about the subject:

AdWords Language Targeting

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