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Is it possible to rotate description lines 1 & 2?

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Is it possible to write a few versions of my description line and then let adwords rotate the different lines for each headline? I mean write a bunch of headlines and then let google rotate various description lines 1 & 2 to find the most effective variations.


If this is only possible manually, is there a better way than typing it all out, copy/pasting stuff in adwords editor. Maybe an ad generator or a way to input a few description lines into excel and have it output all the different combinations of ad?


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Re: Is it possible to rotate description lines 1 & 2?

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Hi Graham,


There's no way to have AdWords do this for you automatically, other than of course creating the Ad versions and setting the Campaign to rotate them evenly.


It would certainly be possible to write a script to create the Ads, and it might be an interesting experiment, though it would perhaps depend upon the business.


I think your biggest problem is not in creating the Ads, but in analysing the performance.  It may be that the difference is obvious, but bear in mind that DL1 can appear in different positions depending upon Ad position and punctuation.  It may therefore be difficult to determine if a difference in performance is down to the line itself or simply that it appears more often alongside the Headline. for example.  I can imagine a situation where the line including your call-to-action works better as DL2 when shown as a three line Ad, but better as DL1 when shown alongside.



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