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Is it possible to purchase keywords and link to a website I don't own?

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I am wondering if it's possible for my company to purchase keywords relevant to our product we're selling, but have them be linked to our customer's website--which we do not own.

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Re: Is it possible to purchase keywords and link to a website I don't

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Yes, you can do this.
However, I would avoid it.

First of all, Google does not allow two ads for the same website to be active in the same auction. If the website you do not own decides that they want to start advertising, there will be problems. You should ask them first.

Second of all, if the website you are sending traffic to violates one of Google's policies (doesn't matter), you will more than likely be held liable. For example, if they decide to start hosting porn, your account will be banned and Google will not believe that you were simply paying to send traffic to a site you didn't control.

Next, it's going to be impossible to optimize your return on investment if you don't have conversion data.

There are various other issues that can crop up.
I'd advise that you get your vendors to run the campaigns themselves.