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Is it possible to create a profitable campaign for any industry?

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My clients will be businesses selling high ticket stuff like Garage Door Installers, Farming Machinery, Removals, Roofing, etc.


I don't know a lot about digital marketing, just enough to explain to clients how it works. And enough to hire an expert to fulfill the job.


Also, I have next to no experience in these industries. I do not know their CLV, I have no idea what their conversion rates are like,  I do not know how competitive it is and bottomline, I have no idea if I can make adwords profitable for them.


So how do I know which businesses to reach out to? How do I know if it's possible to create a profitable campaign in my potential client's industry? What kind of research should I do?



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Re: Is it possible to create a profitable campaign for any industry?

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HI Ralph,

As per my Suggestion, You may start adwords for them. conversion rates are depend upon your strategy and skills. To make a profitable campaign you need understand "how adwords work" and step to run a successful campaign. There are too many article/blog available which helps you to get Steps for Successful AdWords.

Please check Rakesh Kumar provided good details here.

I am also suggesting you to read carefully, Understand and have some experience via testing ads. Keywords, Networks, GEO Playing really important role in adwords.

You can also call the AdWords Support team for help in optimising your campaign -

Re: Is it possible to create a profitable campaign for any industry?

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Hi Ralph,


Firstly, if you have little experience with digital marketing you really need to decide if you want to become such a marketer, or whether your skills are best used elsewhere and rely upon third party managers.  Learning AdWords can be a long process and while it can be relatively easy to get results quite quickly, getting optimal results can require a lot more experience and management time.  It's a bit like the difference between learning to drive a car and being a professional race car driver.


As for whether these sort of products can be profitable, generally speaking the higher the value of the items being sold, the easier it is to make a profit with AdWords.  This doesn't mean all high value items will work well with AdWords, a lot depends upon the target audience and their buying behaviour, but it's certainly easier when you have "room" within the net profit of an item than it is when profit margins are very low.


Are you just starting a business?



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