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Is CPC for different sized image ads are different?

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There is a different sizes for image ads.


Is cost per click for all the sized images are same? or it varies depending on size of image?


Please suggest.

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Re: Is CPC for different sized image ads are different?

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The CPC is based upon your Bid. Some sizes are more popular and you are bidding to grab the space against your competition.

use the Google Display Planner to get a better indication of what are the more popular sizes that are relevant to your niche topics.

But usually the
728 X
120 X
160 X
250 X
are the most popular sizes that publishers use on their websites and are eligible for the Adwords Display network

Re: Is CPC for different sized image ads are different?

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Hi Manoj B,

Eric is correct, the CPC is based on your bid. It won't always be your bid, that depends on how you do in the auction. In the auction, your bid is placed at the lowest amount possible to be the next advertiser in line. AdRank is MaxBid * QS in it's most basic form, so let's leave the other stuff out of it for now. Let's say you have a MaxBid of $.50 and a QS of 8/10. (Yes, you have a QS on the DN, but it's different for every web site, so you never get to see it). Now let's say your next competitor has a MaxBid of $.45 and a QS of 8/10. Your competitor's ad has AdRank of 36. Your ad, i this case, would be placed at one penny higher than your competitor, $.46, with an AdRank of 36.8. It's more complicated than this simple example, but you get the idea.

That doesn't really answer your question. The thing with image ads is they occupy more than one ad unit. One ad unit is considered to the the space taken by a text ad. In order to place your image ad on the DN, the bid needs to consider the number of ad units the image will take. Some advertisers organize AdGroups for DN by the number of ad units occupied by the images. That allows you to bid higher for ads that take up multiple ad unit slots. That higher bid is often required in order to get those larger image ads to show. I will usually add an AdGroup for text ads, too, as a fallback.

While your MaxBid does affect the CPC, as Eric wrote, CPC for larger images could be higher than for smaller images, depending on how your organize your campaign. If you put all image sizes in the same group, you'll need to figure out the best MaxBid for the group, and for each targeted web site. You can't bid based on the ad.

Best of Luck!

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