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Is Adwords Catering To Expanded Text Ads

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I know in things like Facebook, they'll seem to cater (meaning show more often and give priority) to new releases such as video ads or canvas ads etc. My question is, will google do the same to the expanded text ads? Thanks!

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Re: Is Adwords Catering To Expanded Text Ads

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Hi @Walter V,


I would think that Expanded Text Ads are certainly on the radar of AdWords... but with all the other aspects, too. I see it as being something personal to each advertiser, more specifically, than with Google directly. It's all about you, your intended purposes and ideal goals. 


With that said, new features are fun, exciting, and effective at maximizing performance with AdWords. And accounts generally do really well that use as many features as possible, compared to those that only use a few features. 


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Re: Is Adwords Catering To Expanded Text Ads

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hi Walter,

From my experience with expanded text ads, google is giving them more priority than the normal ads. I am also getting better results.


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Re: Is Adwords Catering To Expanded Text Ads

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Hi everyone,


Just to clarify, there will not be a preference given to expanded text ads vs. standard text ads in terms of which ads will win an auction. That's still based on your ad rank (bid + quality score).


Hope this helps!