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Interview Question?

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Hi Friends,


Someone asked me this question while interviewing me, what would be the best answer for this? please help.


If you have to advertise for the Media Company, how you will start from the scratch, what things you will look into initially to start the SEM for it?



Re: Interview Question?

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Hi Angel,

My response to the interviewer would depend on the hypothetical client. I would respond by asking for more information about the client. The client's goals will determine how the account is set-up, so that's important.

Ideally, though, the answer would be along these lines: I would start by learning more about the company and goals to decide which campaign types and targeting settings to use, performing keyword research, setting up the campaigns and optimizing them based upon data. Much more goes into it but that's the short answer.

I'd suggest taking a look at the AdWords study guides and taking the exams if you are interested in working in the field. They will help prepare you with knowledge for your interview and your career:

Good luck!