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Inquiry: Amazon product pages appearing in google search results

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Hi Google Community,


How are we all doing? I have quite a few questions that I cannot just seem to find answers to. These are I believe basic questions. Is anyone kind enough to enlighten me somehow?


1. On the page grab below, we see an Amazon product page being indexed (what's the proper term?) in google search.

   a. How is this done?

   b. Are sellers able to do this themselves? Or is this is something that cannot be "directly" influenced by sellers?



2. I have been searching in google "how to rank Amazon product pages on google" but most articles, if not all, involves some in-Amazon optimization

    which ultimately ends with the product being featured in google.


3. Supposed we have an Amazon product page, no reviews, newly set-up, and not yet ranked. Are there steps sellers can take, to have that said product page be shown on google when an individual somewhere types in a particular term? I understand we can do it via adwords search campaign, but there is no way for private individuals to place tags e.g. conversion tracking on a third party site like Amazon.


Any enlightenment will be much appreciated. Thank you very much.




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Re: Inquiry: Amazon product pages appearing in google search results

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Hi @Edward P,


Please have a look at this snip:


Capture-sep4a.PNGSearch Results Page for *Ford Cars*

In the left hand column below the pics you can see 2 paid ads and also 3 organic or natural listings below them. Paid ads are served by the Google AdWords Program while organic results - based on indexing - are served by the search engine proper. This forum is specialized in paid ads and how the search engine lists natural listings is beyond our expertise and off topic in this forum also.


I'd advise you to re-post the query here:


Google Webmaster Help Forum


Thank you very much for your kind understanding.