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Increasing Daily budget to increase visibility?

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Second day of adwords, please bear with me, Ive read through lots of f&q's and understand most.


But I wanted to ask/clarify - whats the stop me setting my daily budget much higher than I can really afford to increase the amount of times my ad's are shown.


If I am only paying CPC (I only got 6 clicks yesterday at a £5 budget) and paid £2.43 then whats to stop me setting my daily budget to £10 in the hope I get more visibly and less 'wasteful' clicks?


At the moment my ads are not showing due to daily budget


Do most people's ad's show 24/7 or is it a standard protocol to only have ad's showing every now and then?


Do most people set the daily budget high and never have to pay that much?


Thank you in advance 

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September 2015

Re: Increasing Daily budget to increase visibility?

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Hi Andrea,


I would say that it is too early to say whether you should increase/decrease your daily budget. Reason being as you said it's the second day only, so my opinion would be let the traffic come in and you gather the stats for atleast one week and then analyse it.


Whatever the max. daily budget you set, it's not necessary that it is going to get depleted by the end of the day. It might go up or less. Read more about daily budget here:


I would also add here that if you wish to increase the budget, see if you are getting Limited Budget message in front of your campaign and then you can explore the recommended budget suggested by AdWords and increase it as per your needs. More details here:


There's no protocol about the ad scheduling. It totally depends upon how actually your business works and how would you like to schedule your ads.


That's why AdWords has this facility to schedule the ads. If you don't want your users to reach out to you during the weekend, then you can schedule your ads for weekdays only. However if your business might fulfill the needs of your customers during the weekend, you might go for all days running ads.


Same is the case with hour of the day schedule. In case you doesn't offer your website services after some particular time, like after 6 PM, you can schedule to ads to run till that time. This is the beauty of this advertising platform where you have full control of what you want to spend and when you want to spend.


Hope that helps!


Re: Increasing Daily budget to increase visibility?

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Andrea, as Pankaj stated it is much too early to guess what would happen if you increased your budget. It's best to wait a couple of weeks or so to really establish enough data to make an assessment.

Ultimately, you should judge your budget on whether or not you are getting the conversions you desire and your budget is being depleted before the day is over. If you are getting great results then make sure your budget isn't holding your campaign back.

More to your question, if your CTR performs poorly then AdWords will keep increasing your min CPC till it doesn't make sense to participate in the ad auction. Increasing your budget without increasing your ad quality and corresponding click rate won't matter after a while because your ads will stop running.

Re: Increasing Daily budget to increase visibility?

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Thanks everybody

I ended up calling google, who were great! They talked me through step by step so many different tips and its really helped me.