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Increase impressions?

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Hello AdWords family.

Last month I increased my budget about 30% and only saw an increase in impressions in my display campaign by 1%. I increased my bids which got me more clicks and increased my average CPC but we didn't gain any more traffic.


My issue here is, WHY didn't my impressions increase? Does raising my budget not correlate with traffic increases? I also noticed the same thing with a Search campaign. I increased budget by 95% and only got 30% more clicks and impressions for an increased cost per click. What is going on!


Helpful info:

  • I gained about 12% more display impression share month-to-month
  • CPC campaign, not CPM.
  • I enabled automatic bidding.


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Re: Does raising your budget increase impressions?

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You can go to campaign tab and edit columns by adding:
Search Lost IS (rank)
Search Lost IS (budget)
Display Lost IS (rank)
Display Lost IS (budget)
You can find them under Competitive metrics.


This will give you some more information about what is the cause of lost impression share.

Re: Does raising your budget increase impressions?

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This is a good question and the answer depends on the situation: if your budget is capped and you were previously spending your full daily budget, then raising your budget should generate more impressions because there should be additional impressions that you previously missed out on. However, if you are not meeting your daily budget and you increase it - it will not have any effect because you were not previously missing out on impressions.


There are a few helpful tools for determining how many impressions you may be missing out on.

  • Impression share: You should add columns for IS Lost - Budget and IS - Lost Rank. These columns will give you an understanding for how many more impressions you could have if you opened up budget or increased bis.
  • Budget Suggestions: There is sometimes a tiny little image of a graph right beside the status of your campaign. If your campaign status says 'Limited by budget', you should click on that graph to get an estimate of how much more visibility you could get if you increased your budget.

Hope this helps!

Re: Does raising your budget increase impressions?

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Re: Does raising your budget increase impressions?

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As Amy and Tomasz mentioned, there are many reasons why increasing the budget alone does not guarantee an increase in impressions.

If you are looking to boost volume, for Search campaigns, one place is to look at the number of keywords you are using, how many ad groups you have, and the keyword match type. For example, if you have a very niche business, your keywords are inherently likely to generate lower traffic because a lot less people are looking for your specific product/service. Further, if you are using exact match or phrase match, but no broad match or broad modifiers, then your volume can be further constrained

With Display Network, it can be similar, because the subject matter you may be targeting is too narrow.

Further, it's important to distinguish impression volume from share volume. If your impressions are coming in at positions low on the page (for example your average position is 5 or 6), then you'll still get less clicks, even if you have 90% more impressions. In other words, it's not a linear correlation: the improvement in CTR going from position 3 to position 1 is likely to be a lot more proportionally than going from position 8 to 6 (all other things being equal).

You may also want to consider Remarketing campaigns if you're having a hard time driving sufficient volume to your website, as the Remarketing campaigns can help re-capture some of your visitors to come back to the website again.

Hope this helps.

Increase impressions?

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Hello @Adwords T,

Firstly, you need to look whether you are losing impressions due to budget or rank.

I have given you suggestions for both the case as below

How can I improve or decrease the amount of Impression Share I’m losing due to rank?


Rank in terms of impression share is based on the max CPC x Quality Score formula that determines ad position among competitors. If you’re losing impression share due to rank, it means you need to do some bid or Quality Score work, (un)simply as that!


Run some Quality Score analysis to determine what areas of your account are the biggest offenders and start running the list of Quality Score improving best practices. If this is the portion of rank that’s killing you, prepare to have a longer road ahead to make strides. It can be done however, so stay with it!


Should the bid half of the rank formula be your trouble, start small and gradually test increases in those ad groups with the largest impression share lost from rank first. After you’ve tracked some significant data and determined if the increases were beneficial in their overall value (remember – don’t get stuck at impression share here – more impression share doesn’t matter without leads or revenue!), look in to duplicating a similar test in the next worst offender in the lost impression share from rank category.




What about if I’m losing Impression Share due to budget?


If a large portion of your lost impression share is indicated as due to budget, this is an easily explainable (note: I did not say easily achievable) segment. This purely means your campaign or parts of your account are running out of budget before all impressions are reached. A good indicator of this is if you have your ad delivery set to accelerated and you’re still coming up as budget restricted before the day is out.


Now back to that “not easily achievable” part. If you’re requesting additional budget for this lost impression share from your supervisors or your client (if you’re an agency manager), you’ve probably got a bit more of a discussion to have beyond “Impression share said so!”


This will certainly be a bit easier for you if you’ve been tracking progress in terms of impression share against revenue or leads for some time. Even small gains can be heavily influential, especially if you’re looking for a testing budget for the first time.


Syed Sayem Mustafa