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Incorrect/Misleading Ad Preview Tool Results

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When using the preview tool, sometimes it will say ad is not showing for "keyword" (Campaign > Ad Group) and then say:


One of your other ads is already showing for this keyword.

The above is an incorrect statement as in the preview, if "one of my other ads are already showing for this keyword" I would see the ad.  I even went to the actual Google search (from same geographic location and preview tool setting) and confirmed none of my ads are showing.


I DO know the cause of this can be for having multiple keywords match in more than one campaign/ad group but this is of no concern to me as I am fine with Google simply choosing wichever keyword it like to send to auction.  I think some of the duplication has to due with some slight overlap in geographic location and intent targeting.  However I would hope Adwords is designed well enough to resolve these and send keyword with highest bid+QS to auction.  But apparently not!?  Since no ad is showing anywhere despite the flase misleading statement "One of your other ads is already showing for this keyword."

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Re: Incorrect/Misleading Ad Preview Tool Results

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Hi Jeffrey,

Part of the problem is caused by the fact that the Ad Preview and Analysis tool mixes up keywords and search terms. Correctly, the message should read as follows:

"One of your other ads is already showing for this search term."

More precisely it could be said that the given search term is triggering another keyword of yours to display one of the ads associated with it. That's because what you key in on Google Search to make a search is called a "search term" while "keywords" are the phrases that you list in your AdWords account and can bid on.

Whether or not a particular search term, at a given second, is triggering a keyword of yours to display an ad to a user other than you is close to impossible to determine manually, especially so if you have listed a great many keywords with partly overlapping meaning across multiple campaigns and ad groups. Even if the search term proper is listed as a keyword in one of your ad groups, another keyword of yours in another ad group and/or campaign may steal the impression, if it has a higher ad rank.


It's worthwhile going thru this thread:


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Re: Incorrect/Misleading Ad Preview Tool Results

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This happens when you have a keyword on phrase, broad match or broad match modifier, google usually chooses the keyword with the best quality score and highest bid.