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Impressions but no clicks

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Please I have a campaign with lot of impressions but no clicks, please note my cpc is below first page bid.


Please advise.



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Re: Impressions but no clicks

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Hi Aicha,

Well, if your bids are below first page bid estimate, the impressions you're receiving are likely in a very low ad position. The lower your ad position, the less likely you are to get clicks (for the most part).

Unfortunately, you only have a couple of paths here, either improve the QS of your keywords in your account and/or increase your bids.

First, I would certainly make sure that my account had a sound structure, that I selected only the most relevant keywords, that my ads were relevant to those keywords and that my landing pages were very useful as well as provide a great user experience. You want to make use of keywords that are more specific to try and capture the most relevant audience to your business. Also, ensuring that you have excellent ad extensions set up will likely help too.

There are numerous ways to go about approaching this type of situation and while you are collecting impressions, they don't appear to be quality impressions and this will ultimately hurt your account more than help it.

Hope this helps!

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Impressions but no clicks

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Hi Aicha B

Hope we can help.

There are few reasons and factors that should be considered.

1) There is a delay of approximately 3-4 hours until statistics get updated. From time to time the system even has longer delays (or shorter). If you are still within this time frame it may be an idea to wait a bit longer.

2) You may be getting high impressions because you are targeting Google Display Network, which has the tendency to build the impressions first and then later you start accruing clicks. This may also be the case if you are bidding on broad match and the search query isn't really as relevant as other ads. Your ads maybe too generic and does not capture interest competitively.

3) Your ads may need improving for relevancy and a competitive Call to Action. You need to make this more compelling and assess the other advertisers (using the ad preview tool preferably). What makes your product or offering stand out? Free shipping? What’s its Unique Selling Proposition?

4) Bids. It may well be as mentioned, you are bidding low compared to other advertisers and due to that, your ad is not ranking high enough to get good exposure and position. This could well be linked to point 3, above.

5) You have too many Irrelevant Keywords & Not specifically targeted to what your ad promises.

6) Ad Position - If its lower than 4, then perhaps try improvements by implementing tighter ad groups, specific landing page and more relevant ad copies so all 3 tie in together. Find your best performers and optimise!

7) Check your impression share and see if it’s possible to receive more impression share by better segregation of KW and ad group structure.

There are no exact solutions to this as you may be receiving impressions but no clicks for many reasons.

I hope this is a good starting point and you may soon see clicks and conversions

Good luck

James Edward

Re: Impressions but no clicks

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Thank you Tommy, I really appreciate it Smiley Happy,

Re: Impressions but no clicks

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Thank you James for the advice, I will definitely try your suggestions Smiley Happy,