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Image Ad Basic

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I have a question, i want to create an image ad on google adwords. But i wanted to know that if i create it where my ad shows? In which website it will appear?


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Re: Image Ad Basic

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Hi Thahseer,
First I would like to suggest you to learn basic display advertising from @


"Within the Display Network, you can select types of pages or specific websites for your ads, as well as audiences to show your ads to. With manual placements, you can show your ad on specific webpages, online videos, games, RSS feeds, and mobile sites and apps that you select. You can even block your ads from sites you don't think are relevant."



Image Ad Basic

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Nice Question:

It depends on targeting like how do you want to target your audiences?

For that you need to choose "display campaign or search network with display"

After creating the campaign, create Ad-group and at-least one ad

after that do the settings

Click on the "Display Network" tab

You will see the "+targeting" tab, click on that tab you will get many options like

Display Keywords



Interest & Re-marketing


You can use any of these method to show your ads and target the audience

by using these method you can narrow your targeting by age, gender, topics, interest and remarketing etc.

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Re: Image Ad Basic

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