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Im going over budget but don't see any clicks happening.

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Hi Im new to Adwords...I am trying to promote my website and have 40 keywords currently.  My budget is $6 a day...


My problem is that the message tells me my add is not being displayed because I am over budget but I dont have any clicks yet. Why is this?

 Is that because I have more keywords then my budget allows? do I have to keep my keywords below or at $6?




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Re: Im going over budget but don't see any clicks happening.

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Are you using extensions like sitelinks, call extensions that may have initiated clicks?

Is that because I have more keywords then my budget allows?
NO - you can have as many keywords a you want.

do I have to keep my keywords below or at $6?

If you set your campaign budget a $6 a day then you would receive impressions and clicks, if your keywords are eligible to be show based on Bid, Quality Score, Approved Ad etc.

If your keyword say are at $1.00 bids and are available to be shown, then you would potentially achieve up to 6 clicks a day. However at times if your Bids are so low, they may not appear because competition is too high, or they may appear and the Ad Rank is so low you get impressions but no clicks.



Some Additional Information:(orginally posted by Top Contributor vkore91)

Ultimately how much you'll pay per click should be determined by your Advertising Goals and what you want to achieve via AdWords.  CPCs and competition will vary and all advertisers and Keywords will be different; you should choose a bid amount that works for you.


First, I think it'd be good to understand how Actual CPCs work.  How much you end up paying per click depends on your Max CPC Bid, your Quality Score (along with Extensions this makes up your Ad Rank), and what your competition is bidding.


Second, while you cannot find out exactly what your competition is bidding, you can use Google's Keyword Planner to get a better understanding of what your CPCs might be.  


When determining your CPCs, evaluate what your Conversion Rates are - ideally you'd like to pay CPCs that help you be profitable via AdWords.  


Finally, since it appears that your newer to AdWords, below are some links that you might find useful:



  1. Growing your business with AdWords (aka AdWords for Beginner’s Guide) – Simple, yet thorough explanation of the AdWords platform and how to set up an Account.  I particularly like this resource because it’s linear and gives you examples and tips.
  2. AdWords Help Center – All you ever needed to know about AdWords in one place with great on-site search functionality.  Recommended: Set up your account and start advertising
  3. AdWords YouTube Channel – If you prefer watching videos vs. reading, this is the place for you.
  4. AdWords Community - Yes, you're already here, but besides posting questions, take time to review questions that advertisers have previously asked, and their solutions.
  5. AdWords Step by Step - Another simple, easy to understand walkthrough on the basics of setting up an AdWords Account.



How Costs are Calculated in AdWords




Good Luck

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Re: Im going over budget but don't see any clicks happening.

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Wow that was really helpful! thanks for all the advice!


Re: Im going over budget but don't see any clicks happening.

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Hi Nick K,

If your keyword bid is $6 and your daily budget is also $6, you likely will get no impressions. Google doesn't show your ad to one user at a time. Instead, it will show every time it is eligible and your AdRank is high enough. That means your ad could show to multiple users at the the same time. If 2 of those users click on your ad, they will go over the 20% or less over-delivery guarantee. To prevent that from happening, your ad won't show at all.

So, yes, with a $6 a day budget, your keyword bids need to be substantially below $6. A CPC bid of $1 would allow your ad to be shown, if the AdRank is high enough to be place on the page. You could get up to 7 clicks a day this way and still be under the 20% overdelivery.

Looks like you'll need to either reduce your Max CPC bid or increase your daily budget.

Best of Luck!

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