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Ideas generation for multiple seed keywords

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I have many keywords from which I want to generate ideas every month. Is there a way to bulk generate a keywords list from all the seeds I have?


I tried putting one keywords per row or comma separated, but making experiments I noticed that this gives me less results than performing separated searches and then putting the results in the same ad group.

For example if I search "gatto" and "cane" (cat and dog in italian) separetely I got ~800 results for each, and when add together they sum to ~1600, with no duplicated results.
If I search "cane, gatto" I get 802 results! So which kind of effect has on search putting more keywords?
another experiment with "rosa" and "macchina" gives even stranger results, since changing the order modifies the number of results.

Thus my question is, is there a way to search ideas for multiple keywords with an OR relation among them, like i were performing separate searches?


Re: Ideas generation for multiple seed keywords

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Hi Angelo,

I might recommend that you use those terms in congruence with a landing page in order to try to hone in on the best suited terms. The keyword planner generates the output based on the input. So, it is not surprising that as you enter in different qualifiers, you limit, or change, your output. You might try tackling these one ad group theme at a time. For example, if you're combining "gatto" and "cane" because you supply pet toys you may consider an ad group theme for "giocattoli del gatto" and only look for variants related to cat toys (and then separately for dog toys). In this way, you can segment your theme to a specific set of items on a landing page, or section of your eCommerce. You'll also be able to put those ideas into separate ad groups from the planner. Others may have a different recommendation, but I think that will accomplish your end goal.

Re: Ideas generation for multiple seed keywords

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I have used this article from @ScottyD to generate bulk keywords, although this doesn't work all the time its definitely worth a shot

Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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