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I totaly get confused with the Google keyword tools

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I recently go to Google Adwords keyword tool, I mentioned that
they gonna change the whole system and replace it with the new Keyword
Planner they made it recently; they say:
"Keyword Tool will no longer be available in the next few months. To
get keyword ideas, try the new Keyword Planner, which makes keyword
research even easier."
but up to now an old Keyword tool is still available, so I go to both
of them and research about a single keyword that you can see the
result in my attachments;

But as you can see, so confusingly the result is different!!!
they are different both in CPC values and the Monthly Searches, and
unfortunately it seems the correct one is the old one!!!

Could you please explain me what does it mean?

the older keyword tool is still available at;
but not through the web GUI itself

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September 2015

Re: I totaly get confused with the Google keyword tools

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The Keyword Tool shows data for Broad Match by default, for Desktops and Laptops.
The Keyword Planner shows data for Exact Match only, but for all devices.

You can read here about the differences between the two tools

You can read other posts with questions about these tools :


For the picture in the keyword Tool You are using location targeting US, and for the keyword Planner All locations. This explains for a big part the difference in CPC. 


keyword used cars.jpg


The remaining difference in CPC is caused by the other factors.


I hope this explains it for you

** I´am learning Adwords and find it very interesting.
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