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I have to make Remarketing Campaign but how?

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I have to make Remarketing Campaign but how? I also want to know about google analytics more and how can I get help for my campagin.

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Re: I have to make Remarketing Campaign but how?

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Before you can start a remarketing campaign you have to build an audience. In the Shared Library (bottom of left hand column) there is a section of the audiences.


I here you should see a Main List audience already set up (if there is nothing there you can simply add a new list) - get the code snippet and add it to all the pagers of your website. Visitors will start to be added to the audience.


You will then be able to develop a new campaign on the display network and select Remarketing as the campaign type.


This is the basic set up. Remarketing can be much more effective if you segment your visitors and drive the remarketing traffic back to specific landing pages on your site. You can do this by setting up sub lists of your traffic based on the url's they visited.


Get started with a main list and then consider the segmentation.


And - if you are running any AdWords at all, you really must get Analytics installed on your site - hop over to their forum for help about starting with that.

Re: I have to make Remarketing Campaign but how?

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I would just like to add to what Steve said above that you can also go for Remarketing using Google Analytics if you want. It will give you more insights of how your remarketing lists are working and you can also measure different statistics attached with your remarketing campaigns.


You can read more on this here:


Google Analytics is a must web Analytics tool which every advertiser should use to keep track of the web trends and how the website is behaving on different traffic sources.


You can get started with Google Analytics using this reference:


My 2 cents!


Re: I have to make Remarketing Campaign but how?

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I don't want to be blunt, but unless you understand what you want to achieve first, you don't have to do anything. If you rush into something without understanding how you can control it all, you'll manage to throw your, or your client's money away with a staggering 100% conversion rate.


As my colleagues have already pointed out, please get up to speed with the two topics first. Remarketing can be set up in many ways, and only a few of them will prove successful. Remarketing day in and day out to every visitor of your website, with generic ads, for instance, is not going to work.

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