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I have only one keyword and still showing "One of your other ads is already showing" ?

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I am confused why Adwords showing this message again and again that "One of your other ads is already showing" while i have only one enabled ad group and one keyword. I am also not understanding the location concept when i choose "Denver" as my target location and take keyword "Top Mobile Development companies Denver" it shows a message "The location terms in this keyword can affect where your ads show." Please help me to shortout this problem.

Re: I have only one keyword and still showing "One of your other ads is already showing" ?

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Hi. Can you confirm that you only have 1 Account, 1 Campaign, 1 Ad Group, and 1 Keyword? Sometimes you'll see a message like that because AdWords is attributing the Impression to another Keyword in your Ad Group.


Per the AdWords article, How Ads are Matched Geographically, if you're targeting the Denver area, and AdWords detects that the intent of a searcher is to look for information re Denver, they may chose to display your Ad.  "If the AdWords system detects geographic areas that someone is interested in, we may show appropriate ads targeted to that area or surrounding areas (known as location of interest)."  The message that you're seeing is just AdWords saying, basically, that even if though you're just targeting Denver, your Ad could still appear to people outside of Denver if the AdWords system detects that the searcher is looking for mobile development companies in Denver.


Targeting Geographic Locations in AdWords


Side note, while your Keyword is very relevant and targeted, because you're already targeting the Denver area you may try also adding a variation of that Keyword and reduce the number of words in your Keyword string to get more Impressions.