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I have launched a new business website

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I have launched a new business website and would like to get it to the top of page one for a period of 3 months so as to ascertain the likely interest in my products. Could any one please advise me how i could achieve my aim

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Re: I have launched a new business website

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Hi there,


AdWords ads are auction based and hence top page position (any position in fact) isn't permanent. An ad auction is run for every search that happens on Google. Here's a similar thread I'd recommend reading.


Good luck,


Sumanth Sridhar

Re: I have launched a new business website

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any new website is going to struggle to get top of page one placement in 3 months.... with organic placements - so this is probably an unrealistic objective - and certainly will not be a test of the likely interest in your products since regular top of first page would probably more likely be the result of successful products than the other way around...

AdWords, however, is an ideal vehicle for testing the interest levels in your market. Set a budget and trst some ads.

but here's a piece of advice... set a budget as you would a cost for market research. Do not set a budget for which you need to make a return - set a budget you can afford to lose... too many people assume that spending money on AdWords is a recipe for success... it can be, but it's not a guarantee - same as any other form of advertising.

Re: I have launched a new business website

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Hi Deane

This is an interesting objective you have for a number of reasons. I believe Sumanth and Stickleback have offered great advice to follow. I would also like to add some thoughts.

If you did want to pursuit this aim and wanted to use Adwords to achieve it, you may consider the flexible bidding strategy Target Page Location. Target search page location automatically adjusts bids to help you to get your ads to the top of the page or the first page of search results. However, if you are entering a very competitive market, the costs associated with this may be substantial if other competitors have similar aspirations and aims.

My recommendation is to follow Sticklebacks advice on using a budget for market research and experimenting several tests. For example, is time necessarily a good measurement tool over 3 months? Does your product need a 3 month conversion window for accurate measurements? I think it may be more prudent to set a test based on a number of clicks to ascertain interest and perhaps more importantly, likely purchase intent. This will allow you to make more detailed planned forecasts for the resources needed for future campaigns. In a simplistic example, could you learn from 1000 clicks on highly targeted [exact] kw match types (assuming there is enough search volume to allow this). This will at least give you (hopefully) some conversion data and provide a benchmark to aim at.

This very question could draw some huge answers in terms of test design using Adwords and digital marketing strategy as a whole Smiley Happy. My second piece of advice is to clearly set your goals and a measurement plan. For example, be more specific with your research aims - are there any products in particular that will have a greater ROI than others you would like to test using Adwords? Can you leverage Adwords to raise awareness of your products which will help assisted conversions from other channels? So many questions here Smiley Happy

There is quite a well known piece of work by Avinash Kaushik which discusses how to create a measurement plan:

Hope that helps

I wish you Good luck with your test