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I cannot sole my url problem.

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Dear Google, please please please stop employing 'bright' people. if you want to make money form genuine hardworking 'honest' people, simplify your service.

standardise your service so all classafications display revelant adds to their service, rotate ad positions so everyone gets a fair position for their budgets, help those with large budgets as well as small to realise their potential, Stop changing campaigns, while i realise the future is constantly changing some of us are really good at what we do and have very little left to embrace your world which if you don't adress will eventually distroy you.

If you don't believe me ask Thomson and yellow pages......

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Re: I cannot sole my url problem.

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Hi Johnson,
Welcome to the community.
First of all, the future is not ALWAYS changing, not that I know of! Smiley Happy (Sorry couldn't resist).

Google will NEVER evenly distribute ads like you suggested. Otherwise, they wouldn't make any money. It's the nature of their product. They're not a charity and they have shareholders to please.

AdWords doesn't have to be difficult. Small businesses can make it work. Trust me, I see it every day. If you put a little effort in and actually learn how it works, you might be surprised. Google is not obliged to hand anything to you on a plate. They offer a product and an immense library of resources to learn how to use it. It's up to you to learn. Nobody is forcing you to use AdWords.

This is a fantastic community too. Instead of complaining, if you'd like to start learning, there's MANY people here, including myself, that will help you when you get stuck.

I'm looking forward to seeing you more on the forum in the coming weeks.