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I can't see the Impression share column

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I have some Adwords on Target CPA settings. I can't see the Impression share column previous to October 2012.
The campaigns target the Search network, no Diplay.
Thank you

Re: I can't see the Impression share column

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Hi Max,


I'm just trying to clarify your problem, as it seems it could be one of two things you need help with.


Is it that:


1. You cannot locate the impression share column at all in your account screen?


2. You do have the impression share column showing in your account, however you seem to be missing data, prior to October 2012?


If it's number 1 - it should just be a simple case of clicking the "columns" drop down tab in your account, selecting "competitive metrics" on the left hand side, then locating "impr.share" and clicking "Add." This would then show your impression share along with your other metrics columns in your campaign view.


If number 2 is your problem let me know, might take a little more digging!


Hope that helps,