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I am not able to access the correct AdWords account. Help?

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I setup a new Gmail account in order to have Google Analytics and AdWords on the same account.  After sending the AdWords invitation, it appears as if it created a new AdWords account.  Now it says I can't have more than one account and I don't have access.  I need to access both accounts.  Help please!

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Re: I am not able to access the correct AdWords account. Help?

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Hi Scott S,


Yes, the process is confusing and the page poorly designed. When you click on the link in your email, you need to select "I already have an account" (even though you really don't!). That will allow you to join an existing account. Now that your email is attached to a new account, you'll have to remove it from that account before you can use that address for another account.


Get a throwaway email address. Send an invite to join your new account to that address. Log out. Click on the link in the email and choose "I already have an account." The new email address should be part of the AdWords account now. Log out and log back in the the address you want to use. Confirm adding the new user to the account and promote to admin. Log out and log back in with the throwaway address and remover the address you want to use.


Now, either go find the first email invite or send a new invitation. This time select "I already have an account" before proceeding. I wish they would create a page just for accepting invites to join an account. I answer this question way too many times!


Best of Luck!




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