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I am a salesman at a large dealership. Th

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I am a salesmam at a large dealership.  They have allowed me to to have a web site that i managed.  I want to start a campaign what do ou recommend i need 4000 hits a week. My web site name is very similar to the dealership you is all ready buying ads.  What should I do

Re: I am a salesman at a large dealership. Th

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Hi William

When I start a new campaign, I consider two think : first is the daily budget and second is the cost per click cost that would be profitable for the business. If you are getting a click a $10 and make only $5 profit from per click then its of no use.

I suggest that you do some maths here and think of it that how many clicks will lead to a conversion(in your case lead form can be a conversion). Then you can decide what cost per click is profitable for you.

To make is simple, I want to make it more clear for you by an example. Suppose 100 clicks to your website leads to 1 conversion(contact form submission), and out of 10 conversion you got one sale. So for one sale you need to get 1000 clicks to your website. If you are making $1000 profit from 1 sale, you can now decide how much you want to pay for this like spend $500 to make $1000 profit. So you avg. cost per click should be more that $0.50 cents.

Hope that helps......!