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I Don't see my ads

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I get calls and messages from clients which say "I don't see my ads" on a regular basis.  The ads are, however, being clicked. Surely an ad which is not displayed cannot be clicked, but try and explain that to a client!  When they search, they want to see their ad.


The clicks are reflected in Google Analytics.  I know that late afternoon or evening searches will often not display the ads as the daily budget has been reached, but not at 8 am.


Can anyone please explain to me why it happens that when a client searches his or her ad is not displayed?


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August 2016

Re: I Don't see my ads

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Hi Giel,


You should use Google Ad preview and Diagnosis tool to see whether your ads are appearing or not on Google.


In-regards to why your ads are not visible to your client, it depends upon multiple factors:


1.Client is not in the location where your campaign is targeting, 

2.Client's browsing behavior on Google search. Google is less likely to show ads to people who don't click on them.

3. You have excluded some particular audience in the campaign in which your client is present.

4. There are other important factors as well like ad-schedule, bid, budget etc.


If your client is in the location which your campaign is targeting, tell him to use his browser' incognito mode to search. He should be able to see the ads if all the other setting like budget, ad-schedule are fine.

or best would be to make him use Ad preview and diagnosis tool Smiley Happy


Re: I Don't see my ads

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Hi Giel,


In addition to the above suggestions, I would suggest you to add some useful metrics to the AdWords dashboard. These includes:


  • Estimated 1st page bid(make sure that your are not bidding below the suggested bid for 1st page)

keywords >> columns >> modify columns >> attributes >> add Est. first page bid metrics >> apply


  • Search impressions lost due to low adrank

campaigns/adgroups/keywords >> columns >> modify columns >> Competitive metrics >> add Search Lost IS (rank) metrics >> apply


  • Search impressions lost due to budget

campaigns >> columns >> modify columns >> Competitive metrics >> addSearch Lost IS (budget) metrics >> apply.


These metrics will let you know if your ads have limited exposure due to any of these reasons.

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