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How would you organize this?

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My brother runs an orthopedic practice in kansas city. He wants to target KC and surrounding areas. We have already done the geotargeting. We have lots of keywords:


knee surgeon

knee surgery

knee specialist

knee orthopedist



now add in towns and other body parts, and variations, and it really adds up.


We can create a large number of landing pages. What is the best way to organize the adgroups? Would you put all of the knee keywords in one group, or would you group them more tightly - for example: "knee surgery" and "knee surgeon" together and "knee specialist" in another group? How would you handle the different towns? The practice is in KC, but we are targeting a 30 minute driving distance.


Does it make sense to use phrase match and exact match (for the same keywords) in the same adgroup? For example "KC knee surgeon" and [KC knee surgeon].



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Re: How would you organize this / Knee surgeon campaign

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Hello randifxxxxxxx; Welome;


I do run outdoors and indoors (on a treadmill).  Knee injuries are a popular topic among my running mates. I will comment from this perspective:

  • I would break the campaign into ad-groups based on the types of knee injury (e.g meniscus, running syndrome, tibia, fibula...etc..)
  • I personally do not use anymore "broad match ". It is too broad: many synonyms are behind "knee", that (a search query) can match one of your keywords. Thus, I would use the broad match modifier.
  • Ad for Geo-targeting: I would target KC area, by drawing a circle of about 30 mins drive from your location.


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Re: How would you organize this?

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Hi Randifxxxxx


I would run one Campaign with Eight Adgroups to start of and then build on these once you acquire more ideas and data.

I would have the following Adgroups comprised of the following keywords.



Adgroup 1 - Knee Surgeon

Keywords - knee surgeon, "knee surgeon", [knee surgeon], +knee +surgeon


Adgroup 2 - Knee Surgery

Keywords - knee surgery, "knee surgery", [knee surgery], +knee +surgery



Adgroup 3 - Knee Specialist

Keyword - knee specialist, "knee specialist", [knee specialist], +knee +specialist


Adgroup 4 - Knee Orthopedist

Keyword - knee orthopedist, "knee orthopedist", [knee orthopedist], +knee +orthopedist


Adgroup 5 - Knee Surgeon (Geo)

Keywords - +knee surgeon +suburb 1, +knee surgeon +suburb 2, +knee surgeon +suburb 3


Adgroup 6 - Knee Surgery (Geo)

Keywords - +knee surgery +suburb 1, +knee surgery +suburb 2, +knee surgery +suburb 3


Adgroup 7 - Knee Specialist (Geo)

Keyword - +knee specialist +suburb 1, +knee specialist +suburb 2, +knee specialist +suburb 3


Adgroup 8 - Knee Orthopedist (Geo)

Keyword - +knee orthopedist +suburb 1, +knee orthopedist +suburb 2, +knee orthopedist +suburb 3


I would use a different URLs for the ads in each adgroup that most closely resembles your keywords and ad text. Google will notice the relevance in keywords, ad text and web content which will increase your ad positioning and quality scores.


For your ads I would constantly split test two ads and have only one element different out the ad headline, description line 1 and description line 2 to distinguish what text works best.  

I find that for 'Geo' Adgroups it really helps if you use Dynamic KeyWord Insertion.

It might also be an idea to insert your phone number in the ad text to increase free leads should people call when sighting your ad without clicking on it. 


I hope this helps you. 


I hope this helps. 

Re: How would you organize this?

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I would also organize campaign as JoniDK85 suggested. I would just like to add one thought of mine here, Since now we often see Phrase and Exact close variant trigger ads in Search Query, I beleive to thought a bit more before organizing campaign.


I notice in my campaign that Keyword: [heart surgery in CITY NAME] as exact match triggered by search query: Heart Surgeon in City Name as exact match (close variant). See the screenshot below:



I clubbed surgery and surgeon keywords in one adgroup. Keeping adcopies something like Heart Surgery In KC by Experienced Surgeon. You can use negative keywords across campaigns to resolve if this appears or you can club adgroups like I did. But it also depends on landing pages and adcopies text that you are using. If you having a separate landing page & separate adcopies for surgery and surgeon then negative acorss adgroups would be best thing to consider. Otherwise I beleive can club adgroups.


Above is just my opinion. Ideas are welcome from other experts!!


Hope that helps!



Neha Gupta


I personally do not like when search query triggeres other adgroup keywords specially.

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Re: How would you organize this?

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Hi there, 


There are some great reponses here guys! Thanks for contributing everyone. One thing I would recommend once you have tried some of the other suggestions is to use Location Insertion. This link (towards the bottom of the page) has some information on this if you'd like to read any further on this. 


Hope this helps!



Re: How would you organize this?

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Good post Neha!


I do not like Close Variant (hehehe) as it can modify the context of your headline into something 'irrelevant' search terms.

I often turn that off. To do this go to Setting, Keyword Matching Options and select 'Do Not Include Close Vairants'.


It can work in ones favour and at times gives some good ideas but for a highly targetted campaign (which in most case is all campaigns) it can attract some irrelevant traffic.


I hope this helps.

Hi Randifixx                    I would like to run one c...

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Hi Randifixx


                 I would like to run one campaign with forur ad groups and don't use the broad match keywords.


   First Ad Group : Knee Surgeon


        Keywords : "knee Surgeon", [knee surgeon]


Second Ad Group: Knee Surgery 


       Keywords : "Knee Surgery", [knee surgery]


Third Ad Group : Knee Specialist


        Keywords : "knee specialist", [knee specialist]


Fourth Ad Group : Knee Orthopedist


     Keywords : "knee orthopedist", [knee orthopedist]


  After creating these Ad Groups i included the Embeded Negative Keywords in each Ad Group which are closely related to each other Like: in Knee Surgery Ad Group i include knee surgeon as a embeded negative in Exact Match this is because knee surgery keyword is close varient of knee surgeon in that case the knee surgery may be attract the knee surgeon traffic. 




Chander kant