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How to target companies and not their customers

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Hi to all,

I realize websites and I want to get some leads with AdWords.

The big problem I always encounter promoting my services online is that I need to reach companies and not their customers.

For example, I design webistes for doctors - so I try to do that:
1) I add keywords like "health and wellness"...
2) ...but in that manner I reach sick people (customer of target companies) and not doctors (target companies)
3) So I try to target companies with keyword like "tools for doctors"...
4) ..but keywords like these ones have usually low volume Smiley Sad

What can I do?
I'm thinking to:
> Try with Display network (do you have some suggestion here?)
> Give up the on-line marketing way and buy some ads on industry magazine

Thank you for every suggestion.

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Re: How to target companies and not their customers

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My suggestions are ..
When you trying to get leads from doctors for web design, then why do you need to add the keyword "health and Wellness" ? better add the keywords combination of design, website, doctors, medical websites etc which are related to doctors website. Then run the campaign for some days, look at the search terms if you found the search terms that are not related to your target then exclude them. I, mean when you are getting clicks from the customers of the companies identify them and exclude them by adding them in negative keywords list.

If you are planning display network then use display planner and manage where and in which site you ads to appear.
If you want to reach the more potential customers it takes some time. Continuous optimization of the campaign can bring you more targeted audience.

I would like to hear from you...

Thanks and Regards
John Paul

Re: How to target companies and not their customers

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Hi John, thank you very much for your suggestions.

However I don't think it's so easy. There are low search volume for keywords as "medical website" in my country (only 30 per month!). And other keywords are too much general ("web design", "doctors"). Your strategy is right for a normal situation (hundreds of keywords, unambigous target)

Anyhow you are right when you say that with the time I'll can optimize properly the campaing. I'm ready to that if only I could find the appropriate "way"

Re: How to target companies and not their customers

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As said, you need to be more specific with the keywords.
"Topics" - on the display networks could be a good idea, but I would first try to narrow the keywords.
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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