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How to re-open a cancelled account?

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I was unable to use my $100 first time advertiser account because I had opened my Adwords account awhile ago and never used it til now.  The age of my account disallowed me from using the promo code.


The google support staff recommended that i cancel my account and open a new one. I was able to cancel my account easily, but i have been unable to open a new one. I have tried with my original email and with a different email account that i have. the original takes me to the cancelled account, and i cannot see a way to reactivate or start anew from there. the other email, a hotmail account, gives me a message that there is already a google account associated with the address. There is not, it is my backup email for password recovery, but i think google is confused by that.


Any help is appreciated.



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Re: How to re-open a cancelled account?

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Hello mark_cool ; welcome;

You need a completely different email, that has never been linked to ANY AdWords account.

Make sure that you have not mistakenly reactivated the "old" account. Having two active accounts, at the same time, will result in immediate suspension - forever. (This is the reason I don't support the advice you got. The risk of losing all, by making a mistake, does not value the $75 - rules have's $75 now...)

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Re: How to re-open a cancelled account?

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Hi Mark,


The key to the double-serving policy as it applies to you is "two active accounts".


The thing is, your email address remains associated with the cancelled account and can not be used to open a new account unless you remove it from the existing account. This is not as simple as you might think, but it can be easy enough if you use 2 browsers to get it done.


First, get a throw-away email address. Now, log into the existing account with your current email address and invite the new email addres to join your account.


Now go get that email. Open another browser--a completely different one. If you normally use Firefox, open IE or Chrome. If you use Chrome, you can open an incognito window. Make sure youa re not logged into Google with that browser. Copy the address in the email and paste it into the address bar. When you get to the page, answer "I already have an account", otherwise it will create a new account and that's not what you want.


Now go back to the first browser and confirm the new member and promote to admin. Then, in the other browser, navigate to users and remove your email address. You can then use it for a new account. Make sure the old account has been cancelled before creating the new account.


You should be good to go. If you try to do this using only one browser, there is a lot of logging in and out you will need to do.


Best of Luck!




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